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Picture Your First Year. You only have one first year--capture it!

Your first semester as a college student is a unique moment in time. During your first year, you’ll navigate some challenges and a lot of successes. It’s a time of transition, newfound independence, and growth. It’s a big experience that is made up of little moments that help shape you and your time at the University of Utah. Capture these moments through Picture Your First Year. 

Using a variety of artistic mediums, this course provides a space for students to connect with other first year students. Students will share their art and experiences in class. This class is capped at 16 students to create a tight-knit community. Picture Your First Year ensures that you don’t have to go through your first year alone. 

Picture Your First Year is a one-credit academic course with one section offered in Fall 2021. The course is taught by a professional staff member from the Office of Orientation & Transition. 

Monday's  |   11:50AM-12:40PM 
Picture your first year (UGS 1900) will be offered as a hybrid course using a mix of online & in-person instruction for fall 2021.  In-person meetings will be limited.

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Last Updated: 7/26/21