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Swoop Camp Backcountry

Swoop Camp Backcountry: Tuesday July, 12th - Friday, July 15th.


Get up-close and personal with the great outdoors at Swoop Camp Backcountry. If you live and breath the outdoors, are an experienced hiker/back-packer, and want to spend time in nature before kicking off your on-campus experiences, this extended orientation is for you. Swoop Camp Backcountry is for more experienced hikers and campers. Participants will be provided with a packing list to take for the backcountry. 

Swoop Camp Backcountry aligns with the July 11th-12th New Student Orientation (NSO). Swoop Camp does not fulfill the orientation requirement. If you sign up for the July 11th-12th NSO, you will depart for Swoop Campus directly after the program. 

Swoop Backcountry

subject to change due to health and safety protocols due to Covid-19. 

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Last Updated: 4/22/22