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Mission Statement

The Office of Orientation & Transition welcomes each new University of Utah student and their family and connects them to personalized support and meaningful opportunities by promoting academic excellence and successful transitions.

Why Statement

The Office of Orientation & Transition believes each University of Utah student deserves to have a college experience that instills a love for their alma mater. To create an environment that promotes this and student success, our staff provides key programs and activities focused on orientation, transition, and retention. These include intentional orientation and welcome programs, first-year and second-year student programs, transfer student programs, parent and family programs, and communications.

Through these key activities, our staff aspires to create an environment where all students feel empowered by their unique talents and identities, find a sense of belonging and support, and have positive social and emotional experiences that lead to personal growth and academic excellence. We aim to inspire a shared vision with students, their families, campus partners, and other agents who want to foster student success.

Core Values

Embrace and Drive Change

We intentionally adapt to the shifting world of higher education to better serve students, their families, and community partners. As campus leaders, we base progressive change on an awareness of student needs, best practices, and current research. We encourage a growth mindset for ourselves and others.

Work as a Team to Build Community

We foster an environment where people respect and invest in each other. We value honest communication and encourage active listening within our team to build trust and understanding. We support a culture of care for each student and their connection to the greater campus community.

Pursue Growth and Learning

We encourage lifelong learning through personal and professional growth. As an academic community, formal and experiential education shape student and professional development. To best serve the needs of our campus, we encourage knowledge and skill acquisition through learning opportunities.

Advocate for Social Justice

Our office is an inclusive space where our differences become learning opportunities. Advocating for social justice is about demonstrating change for a more equitable society. Our intersecting identities, experiences, families, communities, and histories shape who we are and how we interact with others. Through brave dialogue and action, we encourage authenticity and positive change. 

Last Updated: 1/12/23