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As a Transfer Student, you typically have different concerns and needs than first-year students. The Transfer Workshop Series is designed specifically a transfer student to learn about a variety of university services and opportunities, and to connect with other students. See below for the schedule of these free workshops, taking place throughout fall and spring semesters. 

Attendance at these events counts toward Crimson Transfer Honor Society (CTHS) eligibility. Check out the CTHS website for more information.

  • Students who attended one workshop in spring 2021, signed in, and meet the GPA requirements will receive an invitation fall 2021 to join. 

If you have questions about these events or attendance verification, please email Madaline Bird:

Schedule and event details contingent on COVID-19 guidelines and procedures



Date 1

How To: Navigate Advising as a Transfer Student

Presented by: Transfer Advising Center

Date 2

How To: Explore and Decide on a Major, Minor, and/or Certificate

Presented by: Academic Advising Center


Date 3

How To: Engage with Faculty and Seek Faculty Mentorship and Support

Presented by: Dr. Jason Taylor, Assistant Professor in Educational Leadership & Policy Program, College of Education 

Date 4

How To: Prepare for Tax Season

Presented by: Financial Wellness Center



Date 5

How To: Manage Scholarships and Financial Aid

Presented by: Scholarships and Financial Aid


Date 6

How to: Navigate Writing Assignments in Finals

Presented by: Writing Center





Date 1

How To: Be A Financially Successful Student

Presented by: Financial Wellness Center

Date 2

How To: Write in College and Professional Settings

Presented by: Writing Center


Date 3

How To: Attain Support

Presented by: Student Success Advocates


Date 4

How To: Secure Scholarships & Financial Aid

Presented by: Financial Aid


Date 5

How To: Attain a Job in College

Presented by: Carreer & Professional Development Center

Date 6

How to: Get Involved & Make the Most of your U Experience

Presented by: Office of Involvement


Date 7

How To: Manage for Grad School

Presented by: Continuing Education & Community Engagement

Date 8

How To: Get The Research Position

Presented by: Undergraduate Research



Last Updated: 4/2/21