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UOnline Campus Orientation

As a transfer student, we know this is not your first experience with higher education. It is your first time as a Utah student, so we are excited to welcome you to campus and share important information with you.

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Welcome to UOnline Campus Orientation.  Before your are able to enroll in classes, you will need to complete the UOnline Campus Orientation.  We are excited to have you join us at the University of Utah where you will learn more about registering for classes, connect with a student success advocate, interact with your new online campus , and begin to feel at home at the University of Utah. In the meantime, explore our website, learn more about what opportunities await, and prepare to become a part of the U community!

UOnline Orientation is only for transfer students who are completing a degree completely online.

UOnline Campus Orientation Registration

To register for a UOnline Campus Orientation, please select the semester in which you are enrolling.

Registration Opening April!

Who attends UOnline Campus Orientation?

  • ALL first-time, new students are REQUIRED to complete UOnline Campus Orientation (this applies to only transfer students). If you have recently transferring from another institution, and/or this is the first time you are attending the U, then you MUST complete UOnline Campus Orientation.
  • If you are a returning student who previously attended an in-person New Student Orientation (NSO) session (meaning you started classes at the U previously and are now coming back to continue your degree), you are not required to complete UOnline Campus Orientation if it has been less than 5 years.  For students returning after 5 years, you are required to complete UOnline Campus Orientation.
  • If you are seeking a second undergraduate degree at the U, you are not required to complete UOnline Campus Orientation. You may, however, contact our office to receive optional resources to help you transition.
  • Students who are not required to complete UOnline Campus Orientation may still elect to do so, as many things change at the U each year. Students may also contact our office to be connected with materials that help with matriculating to the U.
  • For any clarification on these policies, please contact our office at 801-581-7069 or

A few things to know:

Academic Advising Appointments

As a transfer student, you are able to make an academic advising appointment prior to completing UOnline Campus Orientation.


Welcome to the U of U

Last Updated: 3/10/20