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New Student Orientation (NSO) Exemption Request

NSO Exemption Request is for students who cannot attend any of the scheduled NSO’s due to extenuating circumstances or factors outside of their control.  Students who feel they qualify may submit the following form for review by the Office of Orientation & Transition.

Please fill out this form and attach any supporting documentation to support your request.  Our office will contact you via email within 2 business days. The Office of Orientation & Transition is closed Saturday and Sundays and will respond the following business day.

New Student Orientation is a mandatory program and must be completed before new students can register for classes.

If you have any questions about the NSO exemption policy please feel free to contact our office at or 801.581.7069.


Contact Information
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Attach supporting documentation. This documentation is to provide evidence and aid in your request of why you will not be attending. It MUST be included for your form to be reviewed. This documentation can include: mission papers, plane tickets, work schedule, letter from employer, etc.
Last Updated: 1/24/20