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About the Campus Life Mentor (CLM) Program

Within the Office of Orientation & Transition, The Campus Life Mentor Program is designed to engage first year students with the University of Utah and surrounding campus community during their first year. 

CLM Mission

To provide new students with an immediate connection to the University of Utah by pairing them with trained mentors who provide guidance, resources, advice, and support.

How the CLM Program Works

Mentors are experienced students from a variety of backgrounds who serve as role models to new students by helping them transition and acclimate to the University of Utah through individual interactions as well as small and large group events in the fall and spring semesters.
New students are paired with a Mentor in a small group of 15+ students. Students are matched with their mentor over the summer based on our CLM matching process. Mentors first make contact with their small groups at the academic year. The CLM Kickoff event is held during Welcome Week, and each month students have the opportunity to attend campus events with their mentors. Mentors also make individual contact with all members of their small group multiple times each month to provide an important line of communication.

About The Mentors

Campus Life Mentors are student leaders who have demonstrated academic and personal success at the U, and who desire to instill a sense of confidence and community among their mentees to build a stronger University of Utah family.
Mentors accomplish their goals by providing an immediate connection to the U, creating welcoming and supportive environments, nurturing positive relationships, sharing advice, providing resources for student success, and encouraging involvement across campus. 

Why Participate?

The transition from high school to college can be challenging, and The Office of Orientation & Transition is committed to helping students be successful. The CLM program is a great way for new students to start off on the right foot at Utah. Mentoring allows new students the chance to build a network of peers and staff members who can help them make the most of their on campus experience!
Over the past few years, we have been very happy to see that students who participate in the CLM program report high levels of academic and social success at the U!


If you would like more information or have questions about the CLM program, please contact the Office of Orientation & Transition at 801.581.7069 or email us at

Last Updated: 10/1/20