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Document your first year of college through pictures of your experiences

Students take pictures weekly around a theme related to your college transition. Groups meet to discuss photos and experiences.

The first semester at a university is a transformative time that changes a high school student into a college student. To creatively track what this is like for you as a University of Utah student, you will document your personal transition stories through any art medium of choice. This initiative will provide you with an opportunity to represent your incoming class’s experience through art. Throughout the semester, you will be presented with scheduled themes and create artwork to explain your view of transitional issues facing yourself or new students at different times. Each week you will meet with a Center for New Student and Family Programs mentor for an hour to share your art and stories of what you are experiencing.

Picture Your First Year is now offered as a one credit course. Click here to register for UGS 1900 Seminar/Picture Your First Year

Contact the Center for New Student & Family Programs at (801) 581-7069 or

Last Updated: 9/5/17