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Swoop Camp Backcountry

Swoop Camp Backcountry is designed around backpacking and hiking excursion. Students will be in a remote setting enjoying the wonders of the Uinta Mountains, all while forging strong relationships with a small group of other new students and experienced leaders. We will view some of the tallest peaks in Utah, swim in clear lakes, and create unique experiences from your new backyard.  All Swoopers will form lasting relationships at Swoop Camp!

Dates & Registration:



Swoop Camp Backcountry can accommodate two small groups of students (9 per group), and reservations will be taken on a first come, first serve basis. We encourage you to sign up early! Swoop Camp Backcountry is open to all first-year students, regardless of your previous experience, however, this trip might be more enjoyable to students who have spent a considerable amount of time outdoors. Moderate levels of physical fitness is expected, but no special training or background is necessary to enjoy camp!

During Swoop Camp Backcountry, we will hit the road to the Uinta Mountains where we will begin our backpacking excursion with all of your supplies for the next four days. Students will share tents with 1-2 other people of the same gender. Swoop Camp provides all meals and snacks for each day and meeting to dietary restrictions when needed.

Swoop Camp staff will make contact with you six weeks before your session and will remain in communication with you until your arrival on campus. This connection before camp will ensure that all questions are answered and that you are well prepared for your Swoop Camp experience!  Please email any and all questions to


The cost of Swoop Camp Backcountry is $229 per student. This fee covers all lodging, transportation, meals, and equipment for the five day and four night camp. Students who have registered for Swoop Camp 2018 can reserve a single night in the on-campus residence halls before or after the their Swoop Camp to help accommodate their travel plans. Book here.

Due to specific equipment costs, we are unable to offer any discounts for Swoop Camp Backcountry. Interested students with an Expected Family Contribution of zero on their FAFSA can apply for a scholarship to attend Swoop Camp Spirit.

Refunds for Swoop Camp Backcountry can be issued up until 14 days before the session, less $20 for administrative fees. Within 14 days of a registered session, no refunds will be issued.

Swoop Camp Adventure is a collaboration between the Center for New Student & Family Programs and Outdoor Adventures, and is staffed by professionals, graduate assistants, and undergraduate student leaders, just like you!

Please note: Swoop Camp does not fulfill the mandatory orientation requirement for new students. Click here to learn more about New Student Orientation.  

Last Updated: 11/6/17